Thursday, June 10, 2010

Steamed Eggs With Milk

If you are a fan of pudding, then you will like this dessert! It is so simple to prepare, and it tastes great! I found this excellent site for this recipe. Thanks, Christine!

3 things only!

2 eggs

50g sugar (I personally find that 50g of sugar is a bit sweet for me. I'll reduce it to 30g to 40g for a less sweeter taste)

250ml milk

  1. Beat the egg with fork. Warm the milk in microwave or stove. Just heat it slightly, don't boil it.
  2. Add the warm milk with the beaten egg, add sugar and mix well. It is not necessary to sieve the mixture. Just use the spoon to scoop away the bubbles on the surface of the mixture.
  3. Cover the bowl with aluminum foil. Put the bowl in the pan/pot with hot water, use medium fire to steam for 10-12 minutes. By the 5th minute, open the lid of the pan/pot to release the steam, then cover it and continue to steam.
  4. Serve while warm.
The texture is smooth, just like tou fu fah. The recipe serves 2-3 persons but I finished it all by myself. It is so irresistible!