Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chinese New Year Cookies - a mother & son teamwork

This is a long overdue post... i know. I have been very busy lately. Just completed a "big mission" last week, which I will blog about it next. Back to this topic. During this year Chinese New Year, Jaden's primary school organised a CNY celebration, whereby there were lion dance performances, traditional dance performance as well as tea party (potluck) at each class. The school warned that NO junk food is allowed. But on that day, there were still some big yellow packs of keropok on the desks. Haha Even the parents don't really follow instructions, huh? In order to make my son proud (at the same time to show off my baking skill, aiseh!), I decided to bake Horlicks Doggies Cookies for this occasion. This was my nth attempt, so I was quite confident that it would be done quickly & yet still tasted great. Here is my result:

Not bad, right? I followed the instructions where I first found the recipe. I made 48 cookies but Jaden's class has 45 students. Oh no! They wouldn't have enough to eat. hmm... At the end, I found this empty container with the 福 sticker and all cookies nicely fitted inside it. Wow! Aren't they just look adorable? The thing is for those doggies with the nose pointed out, they nose was cramped and distorted a bit. Next time (if ever I bake again) I should put pointed nose inward (which means round nose). Taste wise, they are good. Oh ya, another thing is, thanks to my assistant - Jaden Lee - we managed to complete the whole baking process within 1 hour time. Jaden helped me to decorate the cookies, especially the ears, & noses. Good job. On that day, we saw a lot of food placed on teacher's desk. So much food - fried meehon, fried noodles, junk food, packet drinks (4 stacks of them!), sausages, peanuts, biscuits, puddings, cookies, etc. And here came our masterpiece - The Doggies Cookies, standing proudly in the corner. Even though the serving quantity is limited, but I think we are probably one of the most hardworking team to bring homemade food. Jaden was very happy. He was very proud that he could share the cookies with his friends that he helped making.

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