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Borneo International Marathon on 2 May 2010

Beginning of this year, I decided to join my colleagues in running 10KM in the Borneo International Marathon (BIM) on 2 May 2010. This is the third year BIM being organized, but it is my first participation. I have friends who hook on running marathon after they joined the first BIM 2 years ago. To prepare myself for the 10KM run, and thanks Sifu CY for his consultation, I went for 2-3 times per week of running training at Likas Sports Complex. The training also helped me to conquered Mt Kinabalu in mid March as I managed to build my stamina. However, after the climb, I suffered from knee pain on my left knee for more than 2 weeks. Whenever I ran, i could feel the sharp pain on my left knee. I could not run at all! It was devastating. To make it worst, I bought a new pair of genuinely branded sport shoes. Never bought such an expensive shoes. At the time, I decided to give up in running BIM. The alternate plan is to bring along my digital camera, stroll along & take photos instead. Luckily the pain went away in less than 2 weeks prior to race day. I managed to run+walk for 7KM in one of my training sessions. Hooray! I was confident to complete the race within the time limit of 2 hours.

A total of 8 runners in my office who joined the event. 6 of us (Jefri, Jenny, Alan, Ricky, Walter & I) in 10KM category. All first timers. CY in half marathon (21KM) and Ulai "the iron lady" in full marathon (42KM). Fuyooh! 2 days before the race day, Sifu CY emailed to all of us for few words of advices. Here it goes:

Dear All,
Rather then keep repeating ^_^, better i just email, less then 48 hours to go

1. Sleep alot tonight, tomorrow night you will be most likely 'worried' 'scared' 'excited' to sleep
2. Pin your race number(front/back) tonite, set aside your shoe, socks, jersey, fav underware, watches
3. Tie your timing chips to your shoes tonite
3. Dont eat anything new, dont use anything new
4. Have a plan and stick to it
5. Take one last look at your starting time and race course
6. You dont need to wear extra clothing at Stadium, the hot spot lights are on from 3.30am to keep you warm
7. Warm up, walk a few laps
8. Dont go crazy at the first 2km , stick to the plan, let all the headless chickens run full speed first
9. SMILE for the cameras, you dont want people tag you on face book looking at your shoes or watch
10. Drink at water stations

11. SMILE and look forward at the finish line, you might want to buy the photo :)

12. Have Fun!!!!

And Ulai added on with this:

Huh!? Like that one? Ok la. Anyway, thanks both!

On 2 May 2010, I woke up at 4:15AM to get ready myself. I had a nice hot Milo cereal and chocolate peanut butter flavour of Power Bar as my breakfast. I took 4 tablets of Nu Skin Pharmanexaccel as my energy booster. I car pool with Jenny & Alan to Likas Sports Complex. We arrived there before 5:30AM, it was still dark. We met CY & Frankie at the Start Line who were getting ready for the half marathon run. We managed to witness the start of half marathon and cheered our friends who joined in this category.

Fresh looks before the run:

Start/Finish Line

By 5:50AM, all 10KM runners were asked to gather behind the Start Line. Group of us still chatting & joking even when started to counting down. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - GO! It was so crowded that we couldn't really run at all. We had to walk slowly. After we passed the Start Line, then only we could start running. All 6 of us group together while running and still joked along the way. By the time we ran 1.5KM+, near the Likas roundabout, the 4 boys started to prove they are physically much more fitter than gals. They were way ahead of us. Jenny was behind me. I noticed that I could run non-stop for more than 2KM, which I have never tried that during training. hehe. So I kept running and running. And of course walked also la. In fact walked more than ran. hehe. Well, I was a rookie mah.

10KM route map

The stretch of road at Tanjung Lipas was expected the most dreadful part of my 10KM run . However, thanks for the nice sea view, it did not seem that bad at all. I quite enjoy ed running in the middle road whereby normal days we only get to drive on it. And when it came to busy junctions or roundabouts, there were policemen stationed there to control the traffic and you could cross the roads in style :P

By the time I entered the KK City roundabout, I felt happy because the U-turn was not far away. We were given a ring band when we made the U-turn. I had no idea what it is for. I thought running a 10KM can also get a free gift like this. I almost wanted to ask the volunteer who gave away the ring band to hand me the next one in PINK instead of BLACK. hehe. But I didn't ask la. So pai-seh. I accepted the black one he gave to me and put on my right hand. And continued to run. At one of the drinking stations, I wanted to take a cup of 100Plus but I took the plain water cup instead. Taste so plain. I took a sip and be the litter bug in KK City, threw the cup away at the road side legally. Hey, that seems to be part of the fun running a marathon. hehe.

By the time I reached Jesselton Point, that stretch of road was smelly because of the rubbish in the sea water. I had to run fast to pass that area. The traffic started to queue up and I had to cross the junction by running fast else I would be cursed by the drivers who were stuck in the traffic jam! On my way running back to the Likas Stadium, the long stretch of Tanjung Lipat became the most dreadful part one more time again. It was about 7AM+, the sun rise up in the sky. It was hot & sunny. The sea view and the misty Mount Kinabalu view is simply awesome. How I wish I had my digicam with me to capture that nice view! Towards the junction at The Peak, I met a familiar face who ran in opposite direction. It was Ulai! She looked fit and steady. We hi-5 & cheered each other up. She had covered more than half of her full marathon at that time. Bravo!
There were certain part of the routes I was running alone. I had this feeling. It was the same bad & lonely feeling when I climbed the Mount Kinabalu in March. I felt demotivated. Somehow I told myself I need to run fast to catch up with those in front of me so that I have running partners. haha.

I crossed the Finish Line at about 7:25AM. At the Finish Line, we supposed to swap the ring band for the medal. Oh! That's what the ring band is for. Now I know. Haha. My 10KM run took about 1 hour 25 mins, which meet my target of completing the run within 2 hours limit. Not bad, right? Hehe.

KKIPC 10KM runners with their "medals"

Taste of glory

Post run happy faces:

My achievement:

For more info about the BIM, check out its official website. I was never into sports even when I was younger. However, this year, within a time span of 1.5 months, I climbed Mount Kinabalu and completed a 10KM run. Not bad at all. And I feel grrrrrrrrrrrreat!

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