Sunday, November 1, 2009

What Can My Kids Do For Me?

- Protect me with their kungfu fighting skills.

(errr... this one not really protect me la. More on protecting his precious lantern.)

- Help to wash the plates after dinner.
(even though I need to wash for second time
to make sure all clean).

- Help to wash my car.
(errr.. with their pants!!! Wow, butt-naked free car wash, anyone?)

- Surprise me with their creativity or skills.

(Actually he does not know how to play piano. But he knows how to pretend he knows how to play.)

- Make me laugh with their funny faces.

They are my Superheros!


Greenlily said...

i like this photos....they are sure your the family;)

jjcht said...

Hi Greenlily, thanks for dropping by. Ya, they are my superheroes. hehe. but they also give me headache sometimes.