Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Woof! Woof!

Last Friday I took a day off to attend Jaden's graduation ceremony in the morning and busy baking in the afternoon for Caden's playschool concert on last Sunday. There was a pot luck after the concert. I promised to bring the Horlicks Doggies Cookies on that day. Since this was the second attempt, I was confident that I would baked nice doggies cookies this time.

Unfortunately, things went wrong. I over-baked the 1st batch of cookies, about 30 of them. The cookies were burnt and cracked, as if the doggies put on masks like Zorro. They looked awful. I had to throw away the whole 1st batch. I monitored closely while baking 2nd batch, luckily it was ok, but only less than 20 pieces of them. Why over-baked? I suspect I stored the choc chips in the fridge, and they are burnt faster than room temperature choc chips while in oven. Not sure.

I decided to go for 3rd attempt to bake more cookies on Sat night. But before that, I baked a cheese sponge cake using the Buffalo Smart Cooker, since this can yield a high successful rate. Then I moved on with the Doggies Cookies. 1st batch ok. While 2nd batch, I ran out of baking papers! Left with 2 thin stripes only. I had to place the cookies near to each other, and brushed some butter on the tray for those cookies without baking papers. Luckily all cookies were nicely baked. What a busy night. I didn't even have time to go for dinner. Let's see my hard work :

Hope you like these cookies. Woof woof!


ganache-ganache said...

So cute !!! My girls will like these cuties, will try it out soon :)

jjcht said...

Hi, ganache2. Thanks for dropping by. Pls try it out. It's quite easy to bake. Have fun :)