Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chocolate Fondant

This is the cake similar to the Chocolate Moist Cake sells in Fish & Co. The cake should be served while freshly baked from oven, with slight crunchy top & once you cut cake, the choc inside not fully cook and melts. Best serve with a scoop of ice cream. Hot cake + cold ice cream = YUMMY!

However I did not get the crunchy top. My friend who gave me the recipe commented that next time I should try to put higher temperature in the oven. So next time I will try to put 220c instead of 200c in the oven. Also, I will try to look for better quality chocolate. This recipe is truly for chocoholics like me.

Ingredients: (to make 4 ramekins)
100g butter

100g dark chocolate

100g plain flour
3 eggs
75g caster sugar

A similar recipe is available in one of my recipe books with the title "Baking 1 Step At A Time". The book's recipe is sweeter.
I followed the earlier recipe instead of this one but I followed the methods stated in the book because it shows step-by-step instructions in photos, which is great for beginner like me.
125g butter
125g chocolate
50g self raising flour
4 eggs

125 sugar

Method (as stated in the book "Baking 1 Step At A Time")
  1. Melt butter and chocolate over low heat. Once the mixture is smooth, remove from heat.
  2. Beat eggs with castor sugar until fluffy.
  3. Pour melted butter+choc over the eggs and mix lightly using a ballon whisk.
  4. Add flour in 3 lots, mix with spatula between each addition.
  5. Fill up 4 ramekins.Bake at 220c for around 12 minutes or till the top layer of the cake is harden.
  • Shake 1 ramekin while still in oven, the centre should barely wobble. Cooking time will depend on size and thickness of dishes.
  • Can prepare this dessert in advance. Cover each filled ramekin in cling film and place in fridge until ready to cook. Remove cling film when ready to bake and can be baked straight from fridge.

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