Monday, October 19, 2009

What Is This ?

Take a good look of these pics. Can you tell what this object is?

Floral? Coral?

A ball?

A type of durian?

The answer is ....

This is a tropical fruit available in Sabah called Buah Tarap (or Talap?). This fruit is especially found in Sabah only. It cannot be found in Peninsular Malaysia, and some said not in Sarawak too. It has a strong scent and tastes sweet. I believe this fruit is part of the Jackruit family. I asked around my Sabahan friends for its English names or Chinese names, but no one can tell me the answers.

Pic below shows the fruit is opened.
The skin is covered by soft thorn-like spines and the flesh is whitish, somewhat similar to Jackfruit.

Pic below shows the core (on the left) and the seeds (on the right). The seeds are edible after boiling or roasting. I only know about this the next day from Ryn. I had already finished eating the whole Buah Tarap and throw away all the seeds. What a waste!


Greenlily said...

So clever i thought is coral heheehhe...

jjcht said...

come la. we go buy 1 biji tarap & makan sama-sama :D